Delegate Talmadge Branch

Majority Whip of the Maryland House of Delegates

Since Baltimoreans first elected Delegate Talmadge Branch to the Maryland General Assembly in 1994, he has earned a reputation as an effective consensus builder, skillful negotiator, and polished statesman. In his present role as Majority Whip, the third most powerful position in the House of Delegates, Del. Branch’s balanced approach to even the most divisive policy issues has earned him praise on both sides of the aisle. His breadth of political experience spans local, state, and federal government and has included national public service as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. He served as Vice Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party from 2010-2011.

He is credited widely as one of the most effective leaders of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus in the history of the organization. During his tenure as Chair of the Caucus from 2000-2002, he re-energized the organization’s purpose and strengthened its esprit de corps while providing strategic leadership to Caucus priorities such as racial profiling, voter registration, and employment opportunities for qualified ex-felons. 

Del. Branch is a featured speaker at churches, civic groups, and other organizations, and he continues to represent the constituents of the 45th Legislative District for the 23rd year.