My years of legislative experience uniquely positions me to effectively serve as your next Congressman
for the 7th Congressional District


Branch for Congress

Committed to serving with Integrety and Honesty

Delegate Talmadge Branch is the House Majority Whip for the Maryland House of Delegates. Prior to being elected to the House of Delegates, Talmadge Branch worked on Capitol Hill as understudy to Congressman Parren J. Mitchell. Over the years, Delegate Branch served as Vice Chair of the Maryland House Appropriations Committee, Vice Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party and Chairman of the Maryland Black Caucus..


Delegate Branch has devoted his life to improving the quality of life of Maryland citizens. He has years of experience working on initiatives to build new schools, end gun violence, fix our crumbling infrastructure, and spur economic development.


Talmadge Branch has the right relationships, on both sides of the aisle, to get things done and an uninterrupted record of doing just that. From Capitol Hill to Annapolis, Talmadge Branch been working tirelessly for the citizens of this great state.

Legislative Record

Delegate Talmadge Branch has spent years in Annapolis addressing the most pressing issues facing Marylanders. On February 4th Vote Talmadge Branch for U.S. Congress so he can go to Capitol Hill and help solve the biggest problems facing America.

Continuing his work from Annapolis, Delegate Branch intends to work on initiatives that will bring jobs to Maryland. Not just high tech jobs but regular jobs with family supporting wages.

Delegate Branch intends to fight to increase Federal support for our schools in order to ensure that our children can compete and thrive in the global economy

Healthcare is under threat and Delegate Branch intends on continuing the fight to ensure that every American everywhere has access to the best healthcare that this great nation has to offer

People from all over the nation are dying from drug overdoses at an Alarming rate. Delegate Talmadge Branch plans to work on increasing support for studies and initiaves that address the Opioid epidemic as a health concern.

A bridge builder, Delegate Branch intends to work with leadership on all levels of government to help fix our crumbling roads and bridges






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